Why I'm here

I am father of three. I lost my job and was on the brink of financial ruin. I feared we were going to lose everything. I decided I was sick of being a slave to the man. I wanted to control my financial freedom. No more boss. No more glass ceiling and corporate politics. I wanted to stop living paycheck to paycheck. I wanted to be able to take my kids to school each morning and attend their special events. I wanted to control my paycheck by working hard and having unlimited earning potential. And I found a system that changed my life.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Personal Persistence

Good morning,

One of the things I've realized while starting this new and exciting venture is that you have to have personal persistence.  There have been times while working for "the man", it took everything I had to get out of bed and work that day.  It's an awful thing to wake up in the morning and dreading to go do what you are getting "paid" to do.  I've worked many jobs and never found one that made me truly happy.  When I finally decided to take control of my personal freedom, it's a feeling like no other.  I have a much clearer vision now of what I can accomplish and what I'm truly capable of.  I think that only comes with being happy about what I'm embarking on.  So while this is scary and I've invested a lot into it, I couldn't be more excited about what's to come.  Hope you all have a great day in discovering what your personal persistence is and how incredibly strong you can be.

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